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Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 7/15/2015 - Jason Haley on Azure Websites and WebJobs

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Comments

 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group  Speaking  Architecture 
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The July meeting of the Boston .NET Architecture Group will feature Jason Haley (@JasonHaley) speaking on Azure Websites and WebJobs this Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (tomorrow night), at the Magenic offices in Waltham, MA. Here is an abstract for his talk:



Are you writing web sites? Do they need any background processing? ... and are you using Azure Websites and/or webjobs? If not, you should come to this meetup and get an overview of what is now called Web Apps in Azure.


I'll spend around half the time showing WebSites and the different things you can do with the new Azure portal. The second half will be focusing on WebJobs (what they are and how you can use them).



Jason is an independent consultant in the Boston area and a co-leader of the Microsoft DevBoston group in Cambridge, MA. Also, Jason is one of the original founding members of the Boston .NET Architecture Group (originally Boston CodeBrew). You can follow Jason on his blog at


I caught this talk when Jason spoke at Microsoft DevBoston in June. I am glad to have Jason speak at our group as well. It you are interested in knowing how to move your own web site to Azure or how to run web jobs, check it out.

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