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Thinking about security in your company - November 12, 2015 Read (also, associated Video)

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SQL Injection: Defeat one of the most common attacks - May 20, 2005 Read

Hi, I am Robert Hurlbut, a software security consultant, architect, speaker, trainer, and Microsoft MVP. I help teams design secure software and applications using Threat Modeling, write secure software through consulting and mentoring, and make sure developers and other staff are secure through training. Learn more about me.
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What's New?

7/15/2017: Developing a Threat Modeling Mindset at BSides Chicago 2017.

7/1/2017: Robert was named a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security / Visual Studio and Development Technologies for 2017-2018 (3rd year in a row).

6/14/2017: OWASP Review slides from Amherst Security Group.

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Mobile Apps for Hartford, Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Mobile Apps Testing for Security

Danbury Area Computer Society, Danbury, CT
Introduction to Personal Digital Security and Privacy

Boston .NET Architecture Group, Waltham, MA
Website Application Performance

DevSecCon Boston, Boston, MA
Threat Modeling Workshop

AppSecUSA 2017 Developer Summit, Orlando, FL
Using OWASP Threat Dragon for Threat Modeling

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