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Looking Back, Looking Forward


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I wrote a blog post on LinkedIn (and Medium) about speaking on Threat Modeling for September and October. Check it out. Read more

Make Threat Modeling Work For You at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference


 Architecture    Security    Threat Modeling    Speaking   
Over the past couple of years, I have been speaking about, writing about, and helping companies and their teams with addressing issues in software... Read more

Speaking on Building Your Personal Brand at Boston .NET Architecture Group January 20


 Architecture    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking   
Update 1/21/2016:Building Your Personal Brand slides from Boston .NET Architecture Group (BNAG) meeting on 1/20/2016 are now available.I am speaking... Read more

Speaking on .NET Software Architecture Trends at Boston .NET Architecture Group on October 21


 Architecture    ArchitecturePatterns    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    .NET    Speaking   
I am speaking tonight to the group I lead:Boston .NET Architecture Groupon the intersection between latest in the .NET Framework and some software... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 9/16/2015 - Panel on The State of Single Page Application (SPA) Development


 .NET    Javascript    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    Architecture   
I am out this week speaking at TECHIntersectionon Threat Modeling (see herefor more info).In my absense, I askedJason Haleyto lead a panel with Steve... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 7/15/2015 - Jason Haley on Azure Websites and WebJobs


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    Architecture   
Read more

Two new Threat Modeling books


 Security    Threat Modeling    Architecture    Books   
There are a couple of new Threat Modeling books released in May, 2015 that I have been interested in reading and reviewing. I received both a few days... Read more

Microsoft MVP Developer Security - 2015


 Security    .NET    Architecture    Speaking   
I received notice today I have been awarded a Microsoft MVP for 2015 in the area of Developer Security.Thank you Microsoft, my new MVP lead, and all... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 5/20/2015 - Bill Wilder on Cloud Architecture Anti-Patterns


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    ArchitecturePatterns    Architecture   
Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 4/15/2015 - Bob Familiar on Modern Apps and Microservices (Updated with notes)


 Architecture    ArchitecturePatterns    Speaking    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group   
Bob Familiar (TwitterandWebsite) will be speaking to theBoston .NET Architecture Group(meets in Waltham, MA at theMagenicoffices 6-8 pm EST) tomorrow... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 2/18/2015 - Igor Moochnick on DevOps: the industry overview, why and how


 Speaking    Architecture    DevOps    Security   
Igor Moochnick (Twitter and Website) will be speaking to the Boston .NET Architecture Group(meets in Waltham, MA at the Magenic offices 6-8 pm EST)... Read more

Soft Skills - the software developer book to read in 2015


 .NET    Books    Architecture    Speaking    Books   
As I mentioned in my last post, I will be handing out a few copies of the book Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual by John... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 1/21/2015 - Jason Haley on Life as a Consultant


 Speaking    .NET    Architecture   
Read more

10th Anniversary of Boston .NET Architecture Group (originally Boston Code Brew)


 .NET    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    Architecture    Speaking   
The Boston .NET Architecture Groupwill be celebrating our 10th Anniverary this Wednesday. I and a few others began the group ten years ago in... Read more

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