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Looking Back, Looking Forward


 Architecture    Security    Threat Modeling    Speaking    Career   
I wrote a blog post on LinkedIn (and Medium) about speaking on Threat Modeling for September and October. Check it out. Read more

Make Threat Modeling Work For You at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference


 Architecture    Security    Threat Modeling    Speaking   
Over the past couple of years, I have been speaking about, writing about, and helping companies and their teams with addressing issues in software... Read more

Speaking on Building Your Personal Brand at Boston .NET Architecture Group January 20


 Architecture    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking   
Update 1/21/2016:Building Your Personal Brand slides from Boston .NET Architecture Group (BNAG) meeting on 1/20/2016 are now available.I am speaking... Read more

Thinking about security in your company - guest blog post


 Security    Business    Threat Modeling    Speaking    Software Security   
Earlier this month, I spoke atthe Hartford Springfield Speaker's Networkmeeting as one of the spotlight speakers. You can catch a video of it on my... Read more

Threat Modeling for Secure Software Design slide decks - November, 2015


 Security    Speaking    Threat Modeling    Software Security   
I spoke a couple times this past week on the topic of "Threat Modeling for Secure Software Design". Here are the decks (there are some slight... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 11/18/2015 - Everything You Wanted to Know About APIs, But Were Afraid to Ask with Rob Daigneau


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking   
The montly meeting of theBoston .NET Architecture Groupis thisWednesday, 11/18/2015. The group meets at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Boston Magenic... Read more

Speaking on .NET Software Architecture Trends at Boston .NET Architecture Group on October 21


 Architecture    ArchitecturePatterns    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    .NET    Speaking   
I am speaking tonight to the group I lead:Boston .NET Architecture Groupon the intersection between latest in the .NET Framework and some software... Read more

How to Make Threat Modeling Work for You - Slides from BASC 2015, October, 2015


 Threat Modeling    Security    Speaking   
Here are the slides from "How to Make Threat Modeling Work for You" talk at BASC 2015 (10/3/2015):SlidesThank you! Read more

How to Make Threat Modeling Work for You - Slides from TECH Intersection, September, 2015


 Threat Modeling    Security    Speaking   
Here are the slides from "How to Make Threat Modeling Work for You" talk at TECHIntersection today (9/16/2015):SlidesThank you! Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 9/16/2015 - Panel on The State of Single Page Application (SPA) Development


 .NET    Javascript    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    Architecture   
I am out this week speaking at TECHIntersectionon Threat Modeling (see herefor more info).In my absense, I askedJason Haleyto lead a panel with Steve... Read more

Threat Modeling one-day or half-day workshop opportunities available in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA in September, 2015


 Security    Threat Modeling    Secure SDLC    Speaking   
As I mentionedpreviously, I am speaking at TECHIntersectionin September 14 - 17, 2015 on topics in Threat Modeling and Secure SDLC. I have been... Read more

Speaking at TECHIntersection on September 14-17, 2015 on Threat Modeling


 Security    Threat Modeling    Secure SDLC    Software Security    Speaking   
Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 7/15/2015 - Jason Haley on Azure Websites and WebJobs


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    Architecture   
Read more

Microsoft MVP Developer Security - 2015


 Security    .NET    Architecture    Speaking   
I received notice today I have been awarded a Microsoft MVP for 2015 in the area of Developer Security.Thank you Microsoft, my new MVP lead, and all... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 5/20/2015 - Bill Wilder on Cloud Architecture Anti-Patterns


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Speaking    ArchitecturePatterns    Architecture   
Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 4/15/2015 - Bob Familiar on Modern Apps and Microservices (Updated with notes)


 Architecture    ArchitecturePatterns    Speaking    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group   
Bob Familiar (TwitterandWebsite) will be speaking to theBoston .NET Architecture Group(meets in Waltham, MA at theMagenicoffices 6-8 pm EST) tomorrow... Read more

Preparing for ASP.NET 5 - Western Mass Users Group and Boston Code Camp 23


 .NET    Speaking    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    vNext   
As I mentioned here, I spoke on "Preparing for ASP.NET 5" a couple of times this past week. Here are the slides and code:Western Mass Microsoft... Read more

Speaking on Preparing for ASP.NET 5 - Microsoft DevBoston on April 2 (Updated with slides)


 .NET    Speaking    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    vNext   
I will be speaking on "Preparing for ASP.NET 5" at Microsoft DevBostonon April 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm at Microsoft - Cambridge, MA.I plan to show a few... Read more

Speaking on Avoiding Common Security Issues with Javascript Web Applications


 Speaking    Security    Javascript   
I proposed two talks to the Boston Code Camp 23conference held next week, but because of the great turn out of speakers (33!), each of us received... Read more

Speaking on Preparing for ASP.NET 5


 .NET    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    vNext    Speaking   
This month, I will be speaking on "Preparing for ASP.NET 5" for two events:Western Mass Microsoft Technology Users Group on March 19, 2015 at 5:30pm -... Read more

Speaking at Security BSides Boston 2015 Con on Threat Modeling


 Security    Speaking    Threat Modeling   
I received news my proposed talk on "Is Threat Modeling for Me?" was accepted for the Security BSides Boston 2015 Con(Twitter: @@bsidesboston) on May... Read more

RunAsRadio podcast - Threat Modeling


 Speaking    Security    Podcast    Threat Modeling   
Last week, the RunAsRadio podcast featuring my talk with Richard Campbell (Twitter and .NET Rocks) on Threat Modeling went live. You can listen here... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 2/18/2015 - Igor Moochnick on DevOps: the industry overview, why and how


 Speaking    Architecture    DevOps    Security   
Igor Moochnick (Twitter and Website) will be speaking to the Boston .NET Architecture Group(meets in Waltham, MA at the Magenic offices 6-8 pm EST)... Read more

Soft Skills - the software developer book to read in 2015


 .NET    Books    Architecture    Speaking    Books   
As I mentioned in my last post, I will be handing out a few copies of the book Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual by John... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 1/21/2015 - Jason Haley on Life as a Consultant


 Speaking    .NET    Architecture   
Read more

Podcast on Software Security


 Security    ASP.NET MVC    Speaking    Web Services    Podcast   
A couple of months ago I was interviewed by Bryan Hogan for a Podcast on Software Security. It is now available. Read more

10th Anniversary of Boston .NET Architecture Group (originally Boston Code Brew)


 .NET    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    Architecture    Speaking   
The Boston .NET Architecture Groupwill be celebrating our 10th Anniverary this Wednesday. I and a few others began the group ten years ago in... Read more

Securing Your ASP.NET MVC Application - Western Mass MS Tech Users Group


 Security    Web Services    ASP.NET MVC    Speaking   
I am speaking tonight at the Western Mass Microsoft Technology Users Group on Securing your ASP.NET MVC Application. I have added a few new items... Read more

Securing Your ASP.NET MVC Application - Microsoft DevBoston


 Speaking    Security    ASP.NET MVC   
I am speaking tonight on ASP.NET MVC Security at Microsoft DevBoston. Read more

Speaking at Connecticut .NET Developers Group: ASP.NET MVC 2: Best Practices, September 14, 2010


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Connecticut .NET Developers Group that will be held at the Microsoft offices in Farmington, CT on September 14, 2010. Here... Read more

Upcoming speaking engagement: ASP.NET MVC 2, Silverlight Security at New England Code Camp 14


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    Speaking   
I haven't spoke at a conference for awhile but I plan to offer several sessions at the New England Code Camp 14 that will be held at the Microsoft... Read more

ASP.NET MVC 2 Training


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    ASP.NET MVC    Speaking   
I have recently finished writing a comprehensive training course on ASP.NET MVC 2 with C#. I am now offering this 3-day course through my independent... Read more

Heartland Developers Conference 2007 wrap-up


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
Once again, for the 4th year in a row, I enjoyed the one conference I make sure to book well in advance. I haven't traveled to conferences as much... Read more

Speaking at the Heartland Developers Conference 2007 this week in Omaha, NE


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
Read more

Speaking at New England Code Camp 8 this weekend


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking on Web Services Security at Boston .NET User Group on 9/12/2007


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
Read more

Slides on Windows CardSpace talk and further resources


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking    WCFIndigo   
Read more

Speaking on Windows CardSpace at Southern CT .NET Group on June 12


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Security    Speaking    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
Read more

New England Code Camp 7 -- Slides and Code


 .NET    Books    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I have posted the slide decks and demo code I used for my talks this past weekend at the New England Code Camp 7 - Deer in Headlightsconference. You... Read more

Speaking at New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking this weekend, March 31-April 1, at the New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights located at the Microsoft, Waltham, MA offices. I... Read more

Threat Modeling for Web Applications -- Western Mass .NET User Group


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking tomorrow night on "Threat Modeling for Web Applications" at the Western Mass .NET User Group meeting in Easthampton, MA. The... Read more

Speaking at Western Mass .NET Users Group tonight


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Extreme Programming    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Western Mass .NET Users Group tonight on the topic "Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD)". This is an older topic... Read more

Boston Code Camp 6 slides posted


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Speaking   
My slides for the Boston Code Camp 6 this past weekend have been posted on my site. My sessions were well attended and I got very good comments on... Read more

Boston Code Camp 6 Update


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Security    Speaking   
My plans have changed for this weekend, so I will be presenting more topics at the Boston Code Camp 6 (the schedule has been posted). This time, the... Read more

Upcoming speaking schedule


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking    System.Transactions   
I have been busy with a great architecture project lately that I have mentioned previously. I have also been finalizing slides and demos and making... Read more

Slides and Code for Service Broker talk at CT .NET User Group


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    Web Services   
A little late, but I have posted the slides and code for my talk last week at the Connecticut .NET User Group meeting last week. I went through and... Read more

Secure Code Reviews talk at Beantown .NET User Group on Sept. 7


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Beantown .NET User Group meeting, Boston, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, September 7. Here is the topic and... Read more

Speaking at the Connecticut .NET Users Group on August 22


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Connecticut .NET Users Group meeting tomorrow night, August 22, at the Microsoft Farmington Office. I will be speaking on... Read more

Western Mass .NET Users Group Asynchronous ASP.NET 2.0


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Books    Personal    Speaking   
I am working in Western Massachusetts these days and I had a chance to check out the local Western Mass .NET Users Group meeting last night. Julie... Read more

Resources from recent talks


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking    System.Transactions   
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Working, speaking, and generally busy


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Smart Clients    Speaking    System.Transactions   
Read more

BoF session for voting: Developing as a Non-Administrator in XP and Vista


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
A little late (voting ends today at 5:00 pm), but I have submitted a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session for TechEd 2006:Developing as a... Read more

Upcoming speaking events


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    System.Transactions    Web Services   
Read more

VSLive San Francisco 2006 - .NET 2.0 Security talk


 .NET    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Yesterday's session on "Leveraging .NET 2.0 Security Features" went quite well. I have posted slides and code on my site here.This was the first time... Read more

Security talk at VSLive! in San Francisco


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
It has been a busy month and a half since I last blogged -- too busy. But, it has been fun as I have done a few security code audits, lots of... Read more

My HDC Podcast on Security is Live


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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DREAD is dead


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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NESQL User Group meeting recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking on SQL Server Security at NESQL Group (tonight)


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking tonight to the New England SQL Server User Group at Microsoft in Waltham, MA. My friend Andrew Novick will give a talk on SQL... Read more

MAD Security Code Camp photos


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
The MAD Security Code Camp site has been updated with photos from the event. This one is priceless. Read more

Boston VS2005 and SQL2005 Cabana Night recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking    Web Services   
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Boston VS2005 and SQL2005 Cabana Night: Ask the Experts (tonight)


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    Database Development    Personal    Security    Smart Clients    Speaking    System.Transactions    Web Services   
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OWASP Boston Chapter Meeting recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Books    Personal    Security    Speaking    Web Services   
Read more

MAD Security Code Camp recap


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking on Threat Modeling for Web Applications at OWASP Boston


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking on Threat Modeling for Web Applications at the local OWASP Boston chapter meeting on November 2, at the Microsoft, Waltham, MA... Read more

MAD Security Code Camp Schedule


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

HDC 2005 Recap and VSLive! update


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

VSLive! Orlando Recap


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I had a great time in Orlando at VSLive!. The hotel we stayed at (Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel)is amazing! This hotel is HUGE ... several of us... Read more

At HDC 2005


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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Framework Design Guidelines


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Books    Extreme Programming    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking at MAD Security Code Camp on Oct. 29


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Mid-Atlantic (MAD) Security Code Camp at the Microsoft offices in Reston, VA on October 29. I am really looking forward to... Read more

Looking for new opportunities


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Extreme Programming    Personal    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Smart Clients    Speaking    Web Services   
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Speaking on System.Transactions at Beantown on Oct. 6


 .NET    Speaking    System.Transactions   
Read more

System.Transactions resources


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Personal    Speaking    System.Transactions   
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Upcoming speaking events


 .NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I have been working on severalpresentations on security,SQL Server, and transactions topicsfor upcoming conferences and user group talks. These always... Read more

What's new for Security in .NET 2.0


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Shawn Farkas has posted an excellent summary of the newest features and changes for Security in .NET 2.0 on his blog. He also links to Keith Brown and... Read more

NE VB User Group talk


 .NET    Personal    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking on .NET 2.0 Security at HDC 2005


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Heartland Developers Conference 2005 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on October 12-14, 2005. My topic will be Security Changes in .NET... Read more

Speaking at New England VB Pro group, Aug 4


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    Speaking   
For a slightly different change of pace for me, I will be speaking at the New England Visual Basic Professionals User Group meetingat the Microsoft... Read more

VSLive! Boston - Secure Plug-In Applications


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I spent the last couple of days at VSLive! Boston. I gave a talk on Wednesday on "Writing Secure Plug-Ins Applications in .NET". You can pick up the... Read more

Some Indigo at DevTeach


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Personal    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    WCFIndigo   
Read more

DevTeach bound


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Speaking   
This week has been extremely busy with catching up after TechEd, getting the latest SQL Server 2005 June CTP installed on a VPC, playing with the... Read more

TechEd: Non-Admin Development BOF


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    Security    Speaking   
The TechEd BOF (Birds of a Feather) voting is over and mine wasaccepted. Here is the schedule:Developing software as a non-administrator -Wed, June... Read more

Tech Ed: Technical Expert at CSI Cabanas


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    Web Services   
I was asked last week and informed Friday that I was selected to be one of the Technical Experts at the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) Track... Read more

Unit testing and TDD talk in Vermont


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Extreme Programming    Personal    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking at VSLive! Boston on Secure Plug-In Applications


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Rotor    Security    Speaking   
I noticed over the last couple of days my "Writing Secure Plug-in Applications in .NET" session is listed for VSLive! Boston. This talk is similar to... Read more

Code Camp III recap


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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Detecting network sniffers


 .NET    Database Development    Security    Speaking   
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TechEd Security BOFs


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I submitted one of the first TechEd Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on this topic:Developing software as a non-administratorWe have all heard we... Read more

Speaking in Hartford, CT tonight


 .NET    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking tonight on .NET Security 101 at the Connecticut Access UsersGroup in Farmington, CT (correction: not in Hartford, but near... Read more

Speaking at DevTeach in Montreal on SQL Server 2005


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking at DevTeach this year in Montreal, Canada on June 18-22, 2005.My topics (so far -- waiting on a couple of other proposals, but this... Read more

Speaking at Vermont .NET User Group in April


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Extreme Programming    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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RI.NET User Group meeting cancelled tonight


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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CT .NET User Group's new look


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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February .NET Events in the Boston area


 .NET    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Personal    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking on Security to Rhode Island .NET Users Group (Feb. 10)


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking to the Rhode Island .NET Users Group (Providence, RI)on February 10. My topic is on security:Secure Coding for the .NET... Read more

Boston Code Brew first meeting


 .NET    Security    Speaking   
Read more

.NET Rocks Show Info


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Boston Code Brew, January 19


 .NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Code Camp 3 - SQL Server 2005 Security


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I have added another topic to the ever growing data track for the upcoming New England Code Camp 3:SQL Server 2005 SecurityThis talk will focus on... Read more

Correction to .NET Rocks show time


 .NET    Personal    Speaking   
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Interested in speaking at a Boston Code Camp?


 .NET    Speaking   
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Announcing - Boston Code Brew


 .NET    Personal    Speaking   
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Congrats to new INETA speakers


 .NET    Speaking   
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Article on Penetration Testing


 .NET    ASP.NET    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

PDC 2005


 .NET    Personal    Speaking   
As I am now in the process of budgeting for next year's run of conferences I would like to speak at or attend, I noticed (along with many others) that... Read more

Code Camp III: The Madness March 12-13th


 .NET    Personal    Speaking   
Read more

Boston C# and .NET User Groups and Potluck Dinners


 .NET    Extreme Programming    Personal    Security    Speaking   
Read more

HDC 2004 Recap, Slides, and Demos


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Speaking   
Read more

Heading to the Heartland


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    Web Services   
Read more

Connecticut .NET Users Group talk - slides and code


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development    Personal    Rotor    Security    Speaking   
Read more

Speaking to Boston C# Users Group on December 7


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking to the BostonC# Users Group on December 7 in Waltham, MA (Microsoft offices) at 6:30 pm on a slightly different topic for me. The... Read more

Revisiting .NET Patterns Study Groups


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Extreme Programming    Speaking   
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Upcoming Speaking -- CT Developers Group and HDC 2004


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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