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Connecticut .NET Users Group talk - slides and code

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 Comments

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Last night I enjoyed speaking to the Connecticut .NET Users Group in Farmington, CT (Microsoft offices). I spoke on of my favorite security topics: .NET Code Access Security. I have made the presentation and demo code available for download:


It was great catching up with SB Chatterjee and Carl Franklin (co-leaders of the group) and Dan K. The group restarted last month, and it looks like they are doing well with a lot of interested developers.

One of the fun things I did as a review for last night's talk was to take a tour through Rotor code last weekend, in particular, the System.Security namespaces. I was tracing through code in the C# source all the way back to the C++ COMCodeAccessSecurityEngine code to see how the stack walk is implemented as well as how all the code access security modifiers are implemented. Interestingly, much of the code you see in Rotor for System.Security is exactly the same as what you see in the 1.1 and the latest 2.0 .NET Frameworks (as indicated by Reflector -- yes, Reflector self-updates to allow you to look at the latest 2.0 code as well). I have always said that Rotor is a great learning tool -- learn it, use it, live it. -)

Next for me is finishing the last of my slides and demo code for the Heartland Developers Conference next week in Des Moines, Iowa. That topic is on SQL Server 2005 Service Broker, another favorite of mine lately.

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