Is Your Company Secure? - December 31, 2015

In this brief video, Robert talks about his start in security and how Robert Hurlbut can help you.

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And so about 12 years ago I started myself focusing more and more on security. I started by teaching people, just in my own little group in my company. "Hey, we need to be more secure. We need to think about security a little bit more" and about how can we protect our data, how can we protect our applications. And then I've gone on and continued to do that for other companies - not just where I was but other companies as well. I found though in the last year or two it's really picked up. I get calls, "Can you come help us?", "Can you talk to us about security?"

One of the things that I do through my company is I help companies with what's called threat modeling. What does that mean? Essentially it's helping a company understand about the threats or the potential problems that are out there and then how to deal with them, set up a plan. We saw that today in our earlier presentation about our own personal safety so we understand that I think from a personal perspective, that we need to be a secure, we need to be safe, we need to be aware, but believe or not there's still companies that don't understand that. Don't understand that, "They're going to go get the big companies but mine is safe." What I do is I try to help these companies think about those things.

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(NOTE: This short video is an excerpt from the full video here: Thinking About Security In Your Company.)

Hi, I am Robert Hurlbut, a software security architect, speaker, trainer, and Microsoft MVP. I help teams design secure software and applications using Threat Modeling, write secure software, and make sure developers and other staff are secure through speaking and training . Learn more about me.
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NOTE: As of 10/1/2017, I am no longer providing training or consulting on behalf of my company.
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