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Speaking at New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights

3/26/2007 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking this weekend, March 31-April 1, at the New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights located at the Microsoft, Waltham, MA offices. I... Read more

Agile Bloggers you should be reading

3/26/2007 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Boston .NET Architecture Study Group    Extreme Programming   
Read more

Threat Modeling for Web Applications -- Western Mass .NET User Group

3/5/2007 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking tomorrow night on "Threat Modeling for Web Applications" at the Western Mass .NET User Group meeting in Easthampton, MA. The... Read more

Microsoft MVP Award for Visual Developer - Security in 2007

1/2/2007 Comments

 .NET    Personal    Security   
I have been heads down design and coding for the last 2 1/2 half weeks on an interesting WCF project (yes, unfortunately, even over the holidays -- I... Read more

Speaking at Western Mass .NET Users Group tonight

12/5/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Extreme Programming    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Western Mass .NET Users Group tonight on the topic "Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD)". This is an older topic... Read more

SysInternals Suite on

11/8/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security   
Yesterday, I used the wonderful tools from SysInternals for troubleshooting some of the new VC++ 2005 SxS issues I had with my port from VC++ 2003 to... Read more

.NET Framework 3.0 shipped

11/7/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Personal    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
I have been heads down the last 24 hours finishing some porting of VS 2003 C++ code to VS 2005 C++ and a Java socket server to a .NET 2.0 equivalent... Read more

Boston Code Camp 6 slides posted

10/24/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Speaking   
My slides for the Boston Code Camp 6 this past weekend have been posted on my site. My sessions were well attended and I got very good comments on... Read more

Boston Code Camp 6 Update

10/18/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Security    Speaking   
My plans have changed for this weekend, so I will be presenting more topics at the Boston Code Camp 6 (the schedule has been posted). This time, the... Read more

.NET 3.0 Roadshow/WCF Training

10/10/2006 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Smart Clients    System.Transactions    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
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