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More great info on Enterprise Services

6/25/2003 Comments

 COMPlus EnterpriseServices   
More great info on Enterprise Services from an older blog post by Clemens:Great stuff! Read more

Configuration Management Application Block

6/25/2003 Comments

 .NET    Security   
There are several Application Blocks from Microsoft lately, but the Configuration Management Application Block (released 6/24/2003) is one I have been... Read more

WinDev Boston 2003 Slides/Demos

6/24/2003 Comments

I really appreciate the availability of WinDev Boston 2003 slides/demos from:Sam (with COM Interop and Managed C++), Ingo (with .Net Remoting and... Read more

Study Rotor

6/24/2003 Comments

 .NET    CLR    Rotor   
Lately, I have been looking at Rotor to better understand the CLR and some of my own work with .Net in general.  If you are not familiar with Rotor,... Read more

Pair Programming, NUnit, and .Net

6/24/2003 Comments

 Extreme Programming   
Lately, Sam and I have been doing some Pair Programming on some new .Net classes that will comprise core functionality for the project we are working... Read more

Boston Blogger dinner

6/19/2003 Comments

Last night, I joined Sam, Ingo, and Ethan Brown for our Boston Blogger dinner.  We had a great time going to a good Italian restaurant (everyone else... Read more

New FXCop 1.21 version!

6/16/2003 Comments

Get the new FXCop 1.21 version for your .Net compliance checking! Read more

CLR Loading

6/16/2003 Comments

While checking blogs at Microsoft, I noticed from Brad Adams' blog that Suzanne Cook has a blog (Suzanne is in charge of the work on the CLR... Read more

Other COMPlus background resources for Enterprise Services

6/15/2003 Comments

 COMPlus EnterpriseServices   
I almost forgot about these resources in my last post that have been helpful to me:Applying COMPlus - This book by Gregory Brill was very helpful to... Read more

Looking at Enterprise Services

6/15/2003 Comments

 COMPlus EnterpriseServices   
This weekend, I have been reading everything I can find on Enterprise Services.  As you may know, this is the .Net extension to COMPlus (now at... Read more

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