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Larry Kim at the New Hampshire .Net User Group

8/22/2003 Comments

 .NET    Books   
Last night, Sam and I went to the New Hampshire .Net User Group to hear Larry Kim speak about XML Schema and other topics concerning Advanced XML Data... Read more

Startup and Shutdown in the CLR

8/20/2003 Comments

 .NET    CLR   
Chris Brumme has a new informative post on startup, shutdown, and other related issues in the CLR. Read more

Ingo's new book

8/20/2003 Comments

 .NET    .NET Remoting   
Ingo is starting a new book.  He is also blogging about it:If you want to track the progress of this book, head to Read more

Congratulations to Ingo

8/20/2003 Comments

Ingo has just become a Microsoft Regional Director:Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects,... Read more

More on FreeBSD, Rotor, and VMWare

8/19/2003 Comments

 .NET    CLR    Rotor   
Last week, I tried to install my new FreeBSD on my new laptop as a dual boot partition, but ran into problems since my first bootable partition had... Read more

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

8/19/2003 Comments

 Books    Extreme Programming   
There are many resources for Extreme Programming (XP) since its introduction a few years ago. It's difficult, though, to decide where to start to get... Read more

Another Secure Programming book

8/18/2003 Comments

 Books    Security   
Read more

Good night to see Don Box

8/14/2003 Comments

Just got back from listening to Don Box give the keynote at the Boston Dot Net Users Group meeting tonight.Don talked about Generics, and some new... Read more

I am responsible for my career

8/10/2003 Comments

 .NET    Extreme Programming   
Both Doug and Sam talk about taking responsibility for our own professional development careers.Like others, I am paying my own way for PDC.  No one... Read more

FreeBSD and Rotor

8/10/2003 Comments

 .NET    CLR    Rotor   
I took the FreeBSD plunge yesterday with a purchase of the full 4.8 (Stable) developer edition.  I plan on installing the OS, plus I plan on compiling... Read more

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