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Clarification on distributed data security

2/18/2004 Comments

 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Distributed data security

2/14/2004 Comments

 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Security Warrior

2/13/2004 Comments

 Books    Security   
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Real distributed application development

2/12/2004 Comments

 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
Sam Gentileposted an excellentarticle on the lack of real .Net distributed application development and examples. Othershave commented on this article... Read more

Adding to my library

2/10/2004 Comments

My friend Sam Gentile has generously added to my library of computer books by giving me nearly 1000 of his older books covering C++, COMPlus,... Read more

Custom Exceptions in EnterpriseServices

2/5/2004 Comments

 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices   
Sam Gentiledetails someof the problems our team has run into over the past few months (not just our team, but othersaswell) regarding the use ofcustom... Read more

Secure Coding Presentation Available

2/4/2004 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security   
For those interested, I have made the Secure Coding: Best Practices presentation slide deck available on my website. You can download it from the link... Read more

OWASP Top Ten for 2004

2/4/2004 Comments

 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Bug in ASP.NET 1.1

2/4/2004 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security   
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Speaking to CSharp Users Group tonight on Secure Coding

2/3/2004 Comments

 .NET    Security   
For those interested, I will be speaking on Secure Coding: Best Practices (as mentioned here) tonight in Waltham, MA at 6:30 pm to the BostonC# Users... Read more

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