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Windows XP SP2 network installation package is available

8/9/2004 Comments

 .NET    Security   
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SQL Server 2005 Blogs

8/9/2004 Comments

 .NET    Database Development   
I have been collecting new blogs on SQL Server 2005 lately. Here are a few I know about:1. Bob Beauchemin has a blog(rss). I have his new book, A... Read more

NUnit 2.2 Final

8/9/2004 Comments

 .NET    Extreme Programming   
The final release of NUnit 2.2 is available at http://nunit.sourceforge.netand will be at the web site ( soon. [via Charles... Read more

Miguel on .NET Rocks

8/9/2004 Comments

 .NET    CLR    Rotor   
If you missed it, the recording of Miguel de Icasa (of Mono fame) is on .NET Rocks this week. Read more

Jason Whittington is blogging again

8/7/2004 Comments

 .NET    Personal    Rotor   
By way of Craig Andera:Jason Whittington has a blog. Jason's a friend from my DM days; these days he owns the DevelopMentor .NET curriculum. Looks... Read more

Speaking on CAS tonight in Boston

8/5/2004 Comments

 .NET    Rotor    Security   
Just a reminder, I will be speaking on Code Access Security (CAS) to the new Downtown Boston .NET User Group in Boston tonight at 5:30 pm. If you are... Read more

WinDbg review

8/3/2004 Comments

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Threat Modeling review

8/3/2004 Comments

 .NET    Books    Security   
I mentioned a couple of months ago I finally received my copy of the new Threat Modeling book.I was going to post a mini-review as it is excellent,but... Read more

IronPython and new hires

8/2/2004 Comments

 .NET    CLR    Rotor   
As you may know by now, Jim Hugunin of IronPython fame has been hired by Microsoftto join the CLR team. Jason talks about needing more people to join... Read more

Smart Client Architecture and Design Guide

7/31/2004 Comments

 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Books    Security    Smart Clients   
I agree withKlaus that Smart Clients need another look, as ASP.NET is not theonly solution for UIdeployment. The P&P book Smart Client Architecture... Read more

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