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XML DevCon dinner

Thursday, October 21, 2004 Comments

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Jay Kimble (The Dev Theologian) has an interesting post on the dinner last night. I had lunch and dinner with Jay and I like his perspective and outlook as he is new to the XML DevCon as well. I have nothing to compare to, but everyone I have talked to who went to this last year or previous years say this year's DevCon is the best. 

The speaker panel was entertaining as well heated as everyone expressed their own likes and dislikes (mostly dislikes) of XML, XSD, WS-*, RelaxNG, and the tools that surround them. 

I especially liked seeing Tim Ewald express his thoughts. I can remember being introduced to Tim years ago at a local C++ Users Group (Tim lives in NH, I live in MA), talking about my first loves, COM and COMPlus. Of course, Tim wrote THE BOOK on the COMPlus. His attention these days is only on Web Services, and has recently left Microsoft and the MSDN team to work for that great local company, MindReef (makers of one of the best Web Services debug tool, SoapScope). Tim is giving the key note this morning; he is talking about his work with MSDN. I am looking forward to it.

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