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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 Comments

 .NET  ArchitecturePatterns  Security  Service Orientation (SO)  Web Services 
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A few days ago, I noticed Christian Weyer posted information about the a new project created for Web Services (WS-*) plumbers that he, John Bristowe and the Interop Warriors have put together: Plumbwork Orange on the GotDotNet workspaces. I have also joined the effort, partly to follow the progress, but also to learn and contribute as well. I noticed there is some preliminary work done on WS-ReliableMessaging, in which I am particularly interested. I also like that John has been working on WS-Eventing, which is particularly needed.

Update: John writes about the latest updates:

Kapil Sachdeva is making some good progress on a WS-Federation implementation for the Plumbwork Orange workspace on GDN. Meanwhile, Yves Reynhout is moving ahead with an implementation of WS-ReliableMessaging. Very cool! As for me, I've solidified a few things in the implementation of WS-Eventing. Mostly, I've been adding XML documentation but I've been able to conduct some refactoring here & there.

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