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Unit testing and TDD talk in Vermont

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Comments

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I really enjoyed my talk at the Vermont .NET User Group on Monday night. There were lots of questions, and everyone seemed to very interested in the techniques. I turned the talk into a more interactive session as opposed to a "conference session" because I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get questions answered.

Of course, I showed NUnit, but I also briefly showed TestDriven.NET and MbUnit. I really want to dig into MbUnit more as it looks to be a really powerful unit testing solution -- I am realizing some of the things I have tried to do with NUnit are already built natively into MbUnit!

I have posted the slides from my talk here. Code will be soon to follow. 

Along with speaking to the group, I especially liked catching up with Julie, Dave, and meeting Roman and Zack (Zack also started a Code Brew in Burlington).  

NOTE: My posts have been sporadic lately as I have been working non-stop on a couple of big projects through my company lately. My apologies for the delay in making the slides and code available.

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