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Thinking about security in your company - guest blog post

Monday, November 30, 2015 Comments

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Earlier this month, I spoke at the Hartford Springfield Speaker's Network meeting as one of the spotlight speakers. You can catch a video of it on my website - Thinking About Security In Your Company video and transcript. I also wrote a first guest blog post for speaker's network blog. Today, being #CyberMonday, I thought I would point out I also mentioned in the talk about how more and more of us make online purchases. That means both businesses and consumers need to be diligent about how credit card purchases are processed and stored as well as how to be careful in providing same information to businesses.  Here is my guest blog post below.

(parts republished from Movers and Shakers Blog post on 11/12/2015: Thinking About Security In Your Company

 I thought I would introduce myself to you as well as talk about what to look forward to in future posts.

Who am I?

I am an independent software security consultant and owner of Robert Hurlbut Consulting Services based in Enfield, CT.

For over twenty years I have helped companies with their software projects in roles such as software developer, software architect, and project manager. About twelve years ago I shifted my attention to focus more on the security aspects of software development and architecture.

Since then I speak at user groups, conferences, and provide training and workshops to clients on software security and other security topics.

Speaking of security

Earlier this year, I joined the Hartford Springfield Speaker's Network in order to network with other professionals who have made speaking a part of their career. I have found the group to be welcoming and encouraging. This past Saturday, November 7, I had the opportunity to be one of the spotlight speakers. 

I spoke briefly on how security issues impact every company. Your company may be listed as a Fortune 50 or you may be a single-person company - in all cases, you need to think about security. This includes how you setup your website, how you store data, how you collect online payments, how you or your staff responds to email, and so many other issues facing companies. It all matters because even the smallest company deals with customers and their data in some way.

Thinking about security

In the coming months, I will write posts about these important security topics to help you run your company in a secure way.

I will cover why you should use a certificate for your company website (HTTPS instead of HTTP - it really matters). I will cover what to look for in an email to avoid viruses and other malware. I will also talk about passwords and the best ways for you and your staff to manage them.

My goal is to help you start thinking more about security and ways to make sure you are safe for your business and for your customers.

Are there other topics of interest?

If there are other security-related topics you have wondered about for your business, please feel free to ask about them in the comments below. I will try to answer your questions, and perhaps address them in future posts.

About Robert Hurlbut

Robert Hurlbut, owner of Robert Hurlbut Consulting Services, based in Enfield, CT, provides software security consulting, architecture, and training. This includes software development, threat modeling, secure code reviews, and other kinds of security audits for your company. If Robert can be of assistance to your company, please get in touch through the below contacts.

Twitter: @RobertHurlbut


Each month on the 12th I plan to post a security-focused guest blog post on the Hartford Springfield Speaker's Network blog - stay tuned.

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