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TechEd Day 3: Least Privilege

Monday, June 13, 2005 Comments

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I am finally catching up to some work and posts since getting back from TechEd 2005. Day 3 (Wednesday) was mostly about Least Privilege talks and activities for me. I started the day by attending Aaron Margosis' excellent talk on Tips and Tricks to Running Windows with Least Privilege. You can see the webcast here (for limited time, I think). Take a look at other webcasts from TechEd at this link:

That night, I led a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session on Developing as a non-admin. I was joined by Aaron Margosis and G. Andrew Duthie (who also had a talk on Friday on Developing with Least Privilege). I felt the session went extremely well. There were several people new to the idea of running as non-administrator and hadn't heard of "RunAs" and other tricks. The highlight for me was watching Aaron work through a demo on my laptop he didn't finish in his early morning session. Priceless!

I will put together some of the interesting questions in a later post as I think they deserve their own treatment regarding answers.

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