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Heartland Developers Conference 2007 wrap-up


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Once again, for the 4th year in a row, I enjoyed the one conference I make sure to book well in advance. I haven't traveled to conferences as much... Read more

Speaking at the Heartland Developers Conference 2007 this week in Omaha, NE


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Speaking at New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights


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I will be speaking this weekend, March 31-April 1, at the New England Code Camp 7: Deer in Headlights located at the Microsoft, Waltham, MA offices. I... Read more

Upcoming speaking schedule


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I have been busy with a great architecture project lately that I have mentioned previously. I have also been finalizing slides and demos and making... Read more

Slides and Code for Service Broker talk at CT .NET User Group


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    Web Services   
A little late, but I have posted the slides and code for my talk last week at the Connecticut .NET User Group meeting last week. I went through and... Read more

Speaking at the Connecticut .NET Users Group on August 22


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Speaking   
I will be speaking at the Connecticut .NET Users Group meeting tomorrow night, August 22, at the Microsoft Farmington Office. I will be speaking on... Read more

TechEd 2006 this week


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Resources from recent talks


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Working, speaking, and generally busy


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Smart Clients    Speaking    System.Transactions   
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Security people break into Vegas?


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Service Orientation (SO)   
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Hacker tricks to exploit SQL Server


 .NET    Database Development    Security   
Chip Andrews points to this articlecalled Ten hacker tricks to exploit SQL Server systemsby Kevin Beaver. In my opinion, this article is good for many... Read more

SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver experiences


 .NET    Database Development    Security   
I have been doing a fair amount of development in VC++, Java, and .NET 2.0 lately for one large project that is finally winding down after almost a... Read more

Happy New Year 2006 (with some security thrown in)


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security   
I hope and wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2006! I am finally catching up on some blog reading this weekend and found a couple of... Read more

My HDC Podcast on Security is Live


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NESQL User Group meeting recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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Speaking on SQL Server Security at NESQL Group (tonight)


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking tonight to the New England SQL Server User Group at Microsoft in Waltham, MA. My friend Andrew Novick will give a talk on SQL... Read more

Boston VS2005 and SQL2005 Cabana Night recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking    Web Services   
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Computerworld article on release of SQL Server 2005


 Database Development    Personal    Security   
I was questioned briefly last week forthis article in Computerworld:Robert Hurlbut, an independent software consultant in Worcester, Mass., said SQL... Read more

Boston VS2005 and SQL2005 Cabana Night: Ask the Experts (tonight)


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Mini SQL Server Code Camp


 .NET    Database Development    Personal   
My friends Adam Machanic and Andrew Novick led a Mini SQL Server Code Camp last Saturday in Waltham, MA. I was originally planned to attend, but... Read more

HDC 2005 Recap and VSLive! update


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At HDC 2005


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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Looking for new opportunities


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System.Transactions resources


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Personal    Speaking    System.Transactions   
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Upcoming speaking events


 .NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I have been working on severalpresentations on security,SQL Server, and transactions topicsfor upcoming conferences and user group talks. These always... Read more

Fiber mode gone for SQLCLR


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development   
I noticed Dino Viehland posted a notice regarding fiber mode support in SQLCLR for SQL Server 2005: Fiber mode is gone...I remember following Dino's... Read more

Performance and considerations of distributed .NET options


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
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Mini Code Camp on SQL Server 2000 to 2005


 .NET    Database Development   
Thom Robbins mentions a Mini Code Camp for SQL Server Programming: From 2000 to 2005. This will be on October 22 (Saturday), from 8:30 AM - 5:00... Read more

Developing Distributed Services Today


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    WCFIndigo    Web Services   
Richard Turner (Product Manager in Microsoft's Web Services Strategy team), has published the first of a series of papers that provides guidance on... Read more

Enterprise Services to get Transaction Promotion and Delegation


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development   
Paul Fallonposts some good news (and excellent description) aboutEnterprise Services in .NET 2.0. Systems.Transactions already features Transaction... Read more

Dinner with a CAS guru


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security   
One highlight (among many) of my stay in Montreal for DevTeachwas meeting Montreal natives Nicole Calinoiu and her husband Michel Bordeleau for dinner... Read more

DevTeach bound


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Speaking   
This week has been extremely busy with catching up after TechEd, getting the latest SQL Server 2005 June CTP installed on a VPC, playing with the... Read more

TechEd Day 1 and 2: CSI Cabana, ship dates, and SQL Server 2005 June CTP


 .NET    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Service Orientation (SO)   
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TechEd Day 0: Service Broker book


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Books    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)   
I arrived Sunday noon. It was a little early for check-in to my hotel (not one of the standard TechEd hotels, unfortunately), so the rooms weren't... Read more

Installed SQL Server 2005?


 .NET    Database Development    Security   
Have you tried installing SQL Server 2005 yet? If so, how did it go for you?There is a survey the SQL Server team would like you to fill out:The Yukon... Read more

Code Camp III recap


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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Detecting network sniffers


 .NET    Database Development    Security    Speaking   
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SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP available


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development   
I got the same email as Romanregarding the availability of the SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP:Today, Microsoft released the third Community Technical Preview... Read more

Speaking at DevTeach in Montreal on SQL Server 2005


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I will be speaking at DevTeach this year in Montreal, Canada on June 18-22, 2005.My topics (so far -- waiting on a couple of other proposals, but this... Read more

Ken Henderson (SQL Server Guru) blogging


 .NET    Database Development   
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Sample Application Security


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Service Orientation (SO)   
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Code Camp 3 - SQL Server 2005 Security


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
I have added another topic to the ever growing data track for the upcoming New England Code Camp 3:SQL Server 2005 SecurityThis talk will focus on... Read more

SQL Server Service Broker news


 .NET    Database Development    Personal   
(Cross-posted)As mentioned by Bob Beauchemin, there was a great night of Service Broker last week as part of the Guerilla SQL Server 2005. Dan... Read more

HDC 2004 Recap, Slides, and Demos


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Heading to the Heartland


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Service Orientation (SO)    Speaking    Web Services   
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Connecticut .NET Users Group talk - slides and code


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development    Personal    Rotor    Security    Speaking   
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Upcoming Speaking -- CT Developers Group and HDC 2004


 .NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Speaking   
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WinDev recap


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development    Extreme Programming    Personal    Security   
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Code Camp II Report


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Security    Smart Clients   
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Speaking at Heartland Developers Conference 2004


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Personal    Service Orientation (SO)    Web Services   
It looks like the HDC 2004 site is up and running, so now is a good time to mention this. I will be speaking at the first annual Heartland Developers... Read more

Code Camp II updates


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Security    Service Orientation (SO)    Smart Clients    Web Services   
I added a couple of other topics to my proposed list at Code Camp II:Developing as a non-admin (chalk talk)We have all heard we shouldn’t run as... Read more

Secure CLR Hosting in Whidbey / 2.0


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development    Personal    Security   
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Mobility Day at Microsoft, Waltham


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Personal    Security    Smart Clients   
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A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers


 .NET    ADO.NET    Books    CLR    Database Development    Security   
Ireceived my copy of A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers yesterday (written by Bob Beauchemin, Niels Berglund, Dan Sullivan, three of the... Read more

Advanced Data Access with ADO.NET and Oracle


 .NET    ADO.NET    Database Development    Security   
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SQL Server 2005 Blogs


 .NET    Database Development   
I have been collecting new blogs on SQL Server 2005 lately. Here are a few I know about:1. Bob Beauchemin has a blog(rss). I have his new book, A... Read more

Don Kiely on Least Privilege in Vermont


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security   
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SQL Express Beta 2 experiences


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    CLR    Database Development    Security   
Sam talks about hisexperiences with the new SQLExpress Beta 2 Edition. Heis frustrated by the lack of UI tools (in particular, the publicized tool... Read more

DevTeach 2004 Notes


 .NET    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Web Services   
Dave Burke has posted some great notes about the sessions he attended at DevTeach 2004 in... Read more

Enterprise Services and TDD part 2


 .NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Extreme Programming   
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SQL Server Developer Center


 .NET    Database Development   
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Another TDD success story


 .NET    Database Development    Extreme Programming   
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TechEd Day 2: SQL Server 2000 Best Practices Analyzer


 .NET    Database Development   
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TechEd Day 2: Managing state across layers


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    Web Services   
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Another great SO perspective


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Service Orientation (SO)    Web Services   
Michele Leroux Bustamantealso has a great post sumarizingDon Box'sand Doug Purdy's presentation “Service Orientation and the Developer” Read more

New SCC from Microsoft


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Web Services   
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SQL Server Security book


 .NET    Books    Database Development    Security   
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Ramblings on Enterprise Services


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Microsoft eLearning Courses on Security


 .NET    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Test-Driven Development in Microsoft.NET book


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Books    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Extreme Programming    Security   
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Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability released


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Books    CLR    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
The book Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability I have been pointing to over the past few months has finally been released on MSDN.... Read more

Further clarification


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Custom Exceptions and EnterpriseServices, Part 2


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security   
I noticed yesterday the article on Throwing Custom Exception Types from a Managed COMPlus Server Application that I blogged about previously is... Read more

Clarification on distributed data security


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Distributed data security


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Real distributed application development


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    CLR    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
Sam Gentileposted an excellentarticle on the lack of real .Net distributed application development and examples. Othershave commented on this article... Read more

Secure Coding Presentation Available


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security   
For those interested, I have made the Secure Coding: Best Practices presentation slide deck available on my website. You can download it from the link... Read more

OWASP Top Ten for 2004


 .NET    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security    Web Services   
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Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Bug in ASP.NET 1.1


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Database Development    Security   
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Watch for SQL Injection in Oracle


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    Database Development    Security   
In my everyday life, I work with both SQL Server and Oracle databases to develop databases, schemas, stored procedures, and functions as well as the... Read more

COMPlus/Enterprise Services, Distributed Transactions and Oracle - Problem Solved: oramts.dll


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development   
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Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability


 .NET    .NET Remoting    ADO.NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    Books    CLR    COM Interop    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Extreme Programming    Security    Web Services   
Another task I am working on is extensive performance and scalability testing for a large Distributed .Net project.Our approach is to set up tests... Read more

SQL Security and SQL Server Books Online Update


 Database Development    Security   
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SQL Server Unit Testing


 .NET    Database Development    Extreme Programming   
Since my post on unit testing for Oracle/SQL Server, I have been informed there is an open source unit tester available for SQL Server (Transact-SQL)... Read more

Unit Testing Stored Procedures in Oracle/SQL Server


 COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Database Development    Extreme Programming   
I just completed a marathon coding session over the last week by logging 82.5 hours for the first phase of the current project I am working on.  I was... Read more

Exciting SQL Blogs activity


 Database Development   
If you haven't seen it, check out SQL Blogs for lots of great SQL Server info. I have been wanting to post some of my own information about my... Read more

Also wondering about SQL Compare Tools


 Database Development   
Jayme Davis brings up an issue that I have been interested in for some time about SQL Compare Tools (in particular looking at Red Gate).I reviewed Red... Read more

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