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Speaking on Building Your Personal Brand at Boston .NET Architecture Group January 20


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Update 1/21/2016:Building Your Personal Brand slides from Boston .NET Architecture Group (BNAG) meeting on 1/20/2016 are now available.I am speaking... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 11/18/2015 - Everything You Wanted to Know About APIs, But Were Afraid to Ask with Rob Daigneau


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The montly meeting of theBoston .NET Architecture Groupis thisWednesday, 11/18/2015. The group meets at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Boston Magenic... Read more

Speaking on .NET Software Architecture Trends at Boston .NET Architecture Group on October 21


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I am speaking tonight to the group I lead:Boston .NET Architecture Groupon the intersection between latest in the .NET Framework and some software... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 9/16/2015 - Panel on The State of Single Page Application (SPA) Development


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I am out this week speaking at TECHIntersectionon Threat Modeling (see herefor more info).In my absense, I askedJason Haleyto lead a panel with Steve... Read more

Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 7/15/2015 - Jason Haley on Azure Websites and WebJobs


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Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 5/20/2015 - Bill Wilder on Cloud Architecture Anti-Patterns


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Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting - 4/15/2015 - Bob Familiar on Modern Apps and Microservices (Updated with notes)


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Bob Familiar (TwitterandWebsite) will be speaking to theBoston .NET Architecture Group(meets in Waltham, MA at theMagenicoffices 6-8 pm EST) tomorrow... Read more

Agile Bloggers you should be reading


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Announcing: Boston .NET Architecture Study Group


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I am pleased to announce a new study group is being formed in the Boston area. The official title is: Boston .NET Architecture Study Group. We will... Read more

Indigo study group


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Boston Code Brew meeting at The Azgard


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Boston Code Brew (2nd meeting) tonight


 Boston .NET Architecture Study Group   
Our second Boston Code Brew meeting is tonight. Tonight, we are focusing on "all things database" with a special emphasis on SQL Server. Should be... Read more

February .NET Events in the Boston area


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