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Boston VS2005 and SQL2005 Cabana Night: Ask the Experts (tonight)


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VSLive! Orlando Recap


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I had a great time in Orlando at VSLive!. The hotel we stayed at (Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel)is amazing! This hotel is HUGE ... several of us... Read more

Looking for new opportunities


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Performance and considerations of distributed .NET options


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Developing Distributed Services Today


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Richard Turner (Product Manager in Microsoft's Web Services Strategy team), has published the first of a series of papers that provides guidance on... Read more

Got Indigo? Day at Microsoft, Waltham


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I was planning toattend the "Got Indigo?" Day at Microsoft, Waltham, MA, but have had to put some hours in on finishing my current project. I will be... Read more

Tech Ed: Technical Expert at CSI Cabanas


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I was asked last week and informed Friday that I was selected to be one of the Technical Experts at the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) Track... Read more

What's new for security in .NET 2.0?


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Pierre Nallet of DevelopMentorhas written a good article sumarizing new security features in .NET 2.0. Take a look: "What is new for security in .NET... Read more

A view of the Indigo team


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I just watched and enjoyed Channel 9's view of the Indigo team (a video tour through the offices with Don Box).This was a fun video, especially... Read more

Indigo misperceptions


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SO Prescriptive Guidance


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Another great SO perspective


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Michele Leroux Bustamantealso has a great post sumarizingDon Box'sand Doug Purdy's presentation “Service Orientation and the Developer” Read more

ASP.NET and RemotingConfiguration.Configure()


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Ramblings on Enterprise Services


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Thinktecture consulting site open


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As mentioned by Samand others,Ingo Rammer's, Christian Weyer's, Christian Nagel'sand Ralf Westphal's new consulting site openedtoday... Read more

Test-Driven Development in Microsoft.NET book


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Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability released


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The book Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability I have been pointing to over the past few months has finally been released on MSDN.... Read more

Checking out nTierGen


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As you may know (those who read this blog), I spend a lot of my time architecting and developing enterprise/distributed applicationsusing... Read more

Flex, .Net, and Flash Remoting info


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Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability, Beta 3


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Preparing for Indigo


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One of my favorite authors, Tom Barnaby, has written a short article titled “Preparing for Indigo” in preparation for his “Get Ready for... Read more

Remoting and Security Updates


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EnterpriseServices/COMPlus, DCOM, and Firewalls


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Further clarification


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Custom Exceptions and EnterpriseServices, Part 2


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I noticed yesterday the article on Throwing Custom Exception Types from a Managed COMPlus Server Application that I blogged about previously is... Read more

Clarification on distributed data security


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Distributed data security


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Real distributed application development


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Sam Gentileposted an excellentarticle on the lack of real .Net distributed application development and examples. Othershave commented on this article... Read more

Custom Exceptions in EnterpriseServices


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Sam Gentiledetails someof the problems our team has run into over the past few months (not just our team, but othersaswell) regarding the use ofcustom... Read more

Authentication and Authorization


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Last night, I had the opportunity to speak to the New Hampshire .Net Users Groupabout .Net Security, in particular speaking about User (Role-Based)... Read more

Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability


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Another task I am working on is extensive performance and scalability testing for a large Distributed .Net project.Our approach is to set up tests... Read more

Code Access Security with ES, .Net Remoting, Distributed Applications


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The Value of PDC


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Last night, I had a chance to watch/listento Joe Long, Product Unit Manager for XML Enterprise Services at Microsoft, talk about the migration path... Read more

It's about Design and Architecture


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Clemenscomments that Don Box's talk on Indigo showed the importance of design and architecture, not so much in demo code, but in the content of his... Read more

Indigo in a nutshell


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Clemens posts his 2-sentance definition of Indigo:Indigo is the successor technology and the consolidation of DCOM, COMPlus, Enterprise Services,... Read more

Ingo's new book


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Ingo is starting a new book.  He is also blogging about it:If you want to track the progress of this book, head to http://www.ingorammer.com/BookBlog/... Read more

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