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SSCLI.NET shutting down this week

Tuesday, January 4, 2005 Comments

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[Per a post on DOTNET-ROTOR list]

Per previous private email to project owners and announcement on Rotor mailing lists, SSCLI.NET is being closed down.  The site will remain available for only a short while longer.  If you are a project owner and haven't yet addressed this, your immediate action is required.  If you intend to migrate your project to another online collaborative development site, please do so immediately (this week).  While the site will be fully archived on tape, I cannot guarantee that access to the archived materials can be provided in a timely or convenient manner.
Please let me know what course of action you are taking.  If you're hosting the project on your personal site or on another public system like SourceForge, please provide a link and updated project contact information.  We will be launching a new Rotor portal under the site that will include links to all SSCLI-bases research, teaching, and development
projects and I want to make sure your work is available to the broad SSCLI community.
Thank you and best wishes for 2005,
Mark Lewin
University Relations Group
Microsoft Research

I had seen a notice a few weeks ago this was going to happen. I am looking forward to the new developments with Rotor 2.0 as I imagine the new site will focus on that release.

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