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SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP available

Thursday, March 3, 2005 Comments

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I got the same email as Roman regarding the availability of the SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP:

Today, Microsoft released the third Community Technical Preview (CTP) for SQL Server 2005. The latest CTP includes a number of new features, such as enhanced integration with Visual Studio 2005, performance improvements in Management Studio, a SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 upgrade tool, and 64-bit support for Reporting Services, Notification Services and the management, development and configuration tools. 

In addition, this CTP includes Report Builder, a new component of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition and based on the technology acquired from ActiveViews. Because the new self-service, ad hoc report building client is built upon SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, the tool will make enterprise reporting easy, scalable, and reliable for end users. This CTP includes model files that can be used with Report Builder. These model files are available as separate downloads from the Beta Download Page.

The SQL Server 2005 CTP is now available to all MSDN and Betaplace subscribers

Like Roman, I will definitely be installing this as we have been waiting for this for awhile!
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