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Security talk at VSLive! in San Francisco

Thursday, December 29, 2005 Comments

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It has been a busy month and a half since I last blogged -- too busy. But, it has been fun as I have done a few security code audits, lots of development in C++ and Java, new Windows Forms development in .NET 2.0, and kept up to date with the latest in security and development in general.

I have been evaluating my speaking engagements for 2005 and at last count, I spoke to at least 15 user groups, conference sessions, and various other meetings. I have enjoyed the year, and look forward to several more opportunities in 2006.

One of those opportunities will be at VSLive! in San Francisco on January 29-February 2. I will be speaking on the topic "Leveraging .NET 2.0 Security Features" under the BlackBelt (advanced) topics. My topic is located under the ASP.NET track, but my talk won't be directly covering ASP.NET as my collegues Keith Brown and Benjamin Day are covering the security aspects of ASP.NET at the conference. Here is the full description of the session:

Security is difficult to get right, and it is a good strategy to leverage code provided by the upcoming changes in .NET 2.0. The new security components in .NET 2.0 can help you greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to make your applications secure. .NET 2.0 provides numerous additional types that encapsulate functionality already provided in the base Windows OS, as well as new functionality only available in .NET 2.0. This talk will cover the new improvements including public key cryptography, Windows security, remoting, SecureString, XML Encryption, ASP.NET and Code Access Security.

I had another session on security changes for writing multithreaded applications using .NET 2.0 that didn't make the cut, but I may add a small section in this talk about that as well as I have been using some of the techniques for one of my latest projects. Hope to see you in SanFran!

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