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Security Mini-Code Camp (New England)

Monday, January 23, 2006 Comments

 .NET  Security 
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Thom Robbins has posted information on his blog about an upcoming Security Mini-ode Camp in New England featuring fellow Security Developer MVPs Patrick Hynds and Duane LaFlotte. It will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2006 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. You can register here.

Here is a brief description:

You know the drill- don't code buffer overflows, watchthe SQL Injection, use a firewall, do the threat thingy, but you know there is more.  You knowthat security is a war and you can't win by following a few rules.  You have to wage war in the same take no prisoners style that the hackers use.  Come to the Mini Code Camp Security Edition where Duane Laflotte and Patrick Hynds (the original Geeks in Black) will show you what the enemy is doing as well as how to secure your position.Security is a war,don’tfight fair!


As always, the Code Camp Series represents the best technical content of the local developer community. The Code Camp is free and guaranteed to be the most fun that you can have in any day camp. This is an exclusive mini-session that is not to be missed!


08:30 – 9:00 AM Registration

09:00 – 05:00 PM – Event

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