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Secure Coding slides, running as non-admin

Friday, July 16, 2004 Comments

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I have posted the Powerpoint slides from my Boston .NET Users Group presentation here on my website.  It is very similar to the presentation I gave to the Boston C# User Group in February, with a few modifications.  The presentation should also be on the Boston .NET User Group website soon as well.

During the presenation, I asked the question “How many are running their development machines with a non-admin user?”.  Unfortunately, I got a few hands out of the 150-200 people in attendance. Some reasons given for why not were: 1) too hard, 2) not everything seems to work (development tools, etc.) while running a non-admin. My thought is more information needs to be made available about the whys, but also how to run as non-admin.

I will be speaking specifically on why and how to do this at WIN-DEV later this year.  In the meantime, go read Julie Lerman's summary of Don Kiely's excellent talk given this past Monday on this important topic. Also, read Aaron Margosis' excellent blog posts on this topic as well. The word is getting out there, but I still think more needs to be done.

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