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Thursday, May 25, 2006 Comments

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I have posted slides and demo code from my talks this month at Code Camp 5, DevTeach, and VSLive! on my site here. I have also posted each of these individually on the respected sites for the conference.

Each of these conferences went well. There were lots of great questions, and as with all speaking opportunities, I learn from those attending as well as become more comfortable with the material. One highlight for me was the great evals for each, and at DevTeach, I actually placed as the #1 speaker in the SQL/Data track based on evaluation results.

One issue I had with getting Service Broker to work at Code Camp 5 was resolved before DevTeach. I found that after I attached the new AdventureWorks database (included in the latest April SQL Server 2005 Samples), the authorization for the database was different than what I was using. This caused messages sent from an Initiator Queue to fail for Service Broker. My friend Rushi (a developer on the Service Broker team at Microsoft -- he has a great blog) mentioned I needed to do this:


After this step, things were right again and my demos WORKED!

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