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Preparing for ASP.NET 5 - Western Mass Users Group and Boston Code Camp 23

Sunday, March 22, 2015 Comments

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As I mentioned here, I spoke on "Preparing for ASP.NET 5" a couple of times this past week. Here are the slides and code:

Western Mass Microsoft Technology Users Group - November 19, 2015 slides

Boston Code Camp 23 - March 21, 2015 slides

(minor differences between the two)

And code on GitHub: PrepareForAspNet5Demos (a couple of starter projects for MVC and WebAPI using MVC 6 with some minor modifications).

I used what is current at the moment: VS 2015 CTP 6 and beta3 of kre (renamed to dnx for future releases - see ASP.NET 5 Home).

I also showed @DamianEdwards TagHelpers project: TagHelperStarterWeb

Lots of great questions at each session. At Boston Code Camp, I showed the results of publishing an MVC 6 web site which included source code in the published files. This looks similar to the old ASP style of being able to replace a file (in this case, maybe replace a controller file) without updating the whole site. And with Roslyn, the site would be compiled dynamically. This was a little concerning to a few people. It turns out this is one of the options of deployment - there is also a NuGet package + DLL assembly created as well. You could decide to deploy with either option depending on your target system and needs.

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