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PDC 2008 - Geneva Identity Management

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Comments

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As Jason Hogg mentions in his blog post, the Geneva Identity Management Framework (renamed from Zermatt) was announced yesterday at PDC 2008.

Genvea includes:

  • Geneva Framework - A .NET framework for writing interoperable, claims aware applicatoins
  • Geneva STS - An STS integrated with AD. Supports issuance (finally) and consumption of Cardspace Cards. 
  • CardSpace Geneva - A federation client

In addition to these framework like components, there are also a couple of services (biult using Geneva) including:

  • Microsoft Federation Gateway - Provides the basis for the Microsoft Services Identity backbone - brokering access to Microsoft cloud applications and developre services
  • Microsoft Connector Services - Federates AD to the Microsoft Federation Gateway. Provides lightweight access to the federation gateway.
  • .NET Access Control Service - Next generation service (STS) that performs claims transformation. It receives authentication information and issues authz decisions. This includes a management portal and API's for managing and writing authz policies.  

You can get the bits here.

I have recently been working with a client to set up a STS and stumbled upon Zermatt and was very excited to see this direction. If you are looking to build/deploy a claims-aware application and need an STS over WCF, take a look at Geneva.

NOTE: Requirements are Vista and/or Windows 2003/2008 for the installation of the Geneva Framework and Windows 2008 for installation of the Geneva STS.

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