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Patterns and Practices site update

Thursday, May 20, 2004 Comments

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By way of Anil John:

Ah.. It is finally up! New site features include:

  • Redesign of site navigation allowing you to locate patterns & practices titles by viewpoint, guidance type, or audience, and the ability to locate a title in the all releases list alphabetically. 
  • Ability to search exclusively within the patterns & practices site.
  • Enhanced community page including a new GotDotNet workspaces page with individual links to each of the patterns & practices workspaces.
  • New Case Studies page for highlighting customers that are succeeding with patterns & practices.
  • New Events page showing upcoming events where patterns & practices will be participating, upcoming webcasts, as well as all archived webcasts.
And of course you can FINALLY and EASILY find all of the .NET Application Blocks via a direct link from the home page. Direct link to them @

The main site can be found @
I also noticed this yesterday when I was looking for an older patterns reference.  I was able to find what I was looking for MUCH EASIER than before!  Great job!
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