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Boston .NET Architecture Group Meeting - 9/16/2015 - Panel on The State of Single Page Application (SPA) Development

Monday, September 14, 2015 Comments

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I am out this week speaking at TECHIntersection on Threat Modeling (see here for more info).

In my absense, I asked Jason Haley to lead a panel with Steve Aronis and Phil Denoncourt on Single Page Application (SPA) development. It should be a great session - bummed I will have to miss it. (Update 9/16/2015: Added George Babey to the panel)

Here are the particulars:

The montly meeting of the Boston .NET Architecture Group meeting this Wednesday, 9/16/2015. The group meets at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Boston Magenic offices: 404 Wyman St, Suite 450, Waltham, MA. Directions: 
Meeting Topic:

Panel: The State of Single Page App Development
Join us for a special panel with Jason Haley, Steve Aronis, and Phil Denoncourt to talk about the state of SPA development. Bring your own questions and experiences. Here are a few sample ones the panel may cover: 
* What are the latest updates to tools?
* Are there any new tools to check out?
What are customers looking for in new development? 

Speaker Bio(s):
Jason Haley is an independent consultant in the Boston area and a co-leader of the Microsoft DevBoston in Cambridge, MA. Also, Jason is one of the original founding members of the Boston .NET Architecture Group (originally Boston CodeBrew). See
Steve Aronis - see  
Phil Denoncourt - see
George Babey - see

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