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Pair Programming, Test Driven Development continued

Monday, June 30, 2003 Comments

 Extreme Programming 
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I found this great article on Pair Programming best practices tonight. A couple of key items: the programming pair should have different levels of experience in order to best work together, and the programming teams (pairs) should be in a common area in order to encourage communication with other pairs.

Currently, our development team has been working through Kent Beck's book on Test Driven Development. I remember following this book's progress last year through the Yahoo Group testdrivendevelopment when Kent would post excepts from the book to get feedback The book is an excellent introduction for the developer new to writing tests first, and coding methods/functions second in response to the tests. Kent takes the reader through real applications -- almost like you are pair programming with him -- to give you ideas, tips, and tricks in writing good test code and developing first-rate software. Great stuff!

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