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NAnt and Practical Eye for the .Net Guy

Thursday, October 23, 2003 Comments

 .NET  Extreme Programming 
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After a long detour through the world of VB/COMPlus, my primary project is finally moving back to .Net.  One item we are looking at again is the build process.  Obviously, you can do individual builds through VS.Net, but real continuous integration needs to be done using tools like NAnt or Draco.Net.  Using VS.Net to build individually can be fine in some cases, but it does have its problems when you try to sync up changes with multiple developers. Instead, we are now looking to move all local developer builds to NAnt, and away from VS.Net in order to have a stream-lined process of building our components.

One recent newsletter that covers NAnt well is John Lam's Practical Eye for the .Net Guy.  If you haven't seen this yet, you owe yourself a look.  John covers the basics of NAnt, and as he promises, will have you up and running with a sample build within a half-hour.  John promises more interesting articles in his newsletter related to building components and other great topics.  Subscribe now at his site at

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