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MAD Security Code Camp recap

Monday, October 31, 2005 Comments

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I got in from the Washington, DC area yesterday afternoon after a very successful Mid-Atlantic (MAD) Security Code Camp conference held on Saturday, October 29, at the Microsoft offices in Reston, VA. I don't know what the total count was (my guess between 100 and 150 people), but it was great to see so many interested in writing secure applications. I took my older boys (15 and 13) with me to try to catch some of the sights. We didn't see as much as I had hoped in the short time, but I was glad they could see me presenting/teaching again as the last time was about 6-7 years ago.

I thought my talks went well, and there lots of queat questions. I enjoyed catching up with former Boston-area friends like Aaron Weiker, as well as several others I know in the area: G. Andrew DuthieScott Allen, Darrell Norton (it was great to finally meet after all this time!), and Sahil Malik. Speaking of Andrew, he and his dedicated staff of track chairs and volunteers put on an excellent conference -- things just worked, even when there were problems, everyone reacted quickly and efficiently.

The Code Camp site has my earlier slides here, but I have also posted the latest versions on my site as well.

Update: Here is a review of Saturday (and one of my talks) by Rob Garrett. One session I regretted missing (as it was the same time as mine) was Randy Hayes' session on running and developing as non-administrator, something I have also been doing for quite some time. According to Rob's review, it looks like there is one more convert!

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