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Looking at Enterprise Services

Sunday, June 15, 2003 Comments

 COMPlus EnterpriseServices 
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This weekend, I have been reading everything I can find on Enterprise Services. As you may know, this is the .Net extension to COMPlus (now at version 1.5 for XP/W2K3) for scalability (among other benefits and advantages). I am doing this in relation to my work with Sam Gentile, as well as for my own benefit in order to expand what I already know after working with MTS/COMPlus for the last 4-5 years.

So far, my sources have been as follows:

  1. Microsoft .Net Framework SDK Class Library Reference - I almost always start at the Class Library Reference, because this is where the specs are.
  2. Clemens Vasters Blog - He has done a tremendous amount of research for his book (in German). For now, since I haven't read German in over ten years, I am data mining his blogs in order to extract the nuggets.
  3. Articles on MSDN - I have found the following articles to be very helpful:
  4. Background books - There are a few books that have also proven helpful in getting a good foundation with COMPlus (1.0 and on) for understanding Enterprise Services:

I am sure I have missed some other good resources. If others know of some goods ones I missed, please let me know.

After I finish my study, I will publish some of my findings, if anyone is interested. In particular, I am interested in seeing some of the things that were scheduled to be fixed in the 1.1 Framework that weren't working quite right in the 1.0 Framework (for example: losing the CallContext as mentioned in 315883 and 319177 -- these were addressed in the SP2 for 1.0 Framework, but I am curious about any new changes/improvements in 1.1).

Another activity I will be looking at is load testing with the new Enterprise Services (using 1.1 Framework). Has anyone published any information/case studies regarding extensive load tests?

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