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Linux/Rotor port and BSD/Rotor patches

Tuesday, November 4, 2003 Comments

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After seeing the news about RedHat Linux discontinuing all support for versions 7-8 and 9, Andrew and I have been wondering about our Rotor/Linux port.  Does it make sense to continue our RedHat Linux/Rotor research when RedHat is dropping all support?  We have both learned a lot from the the Linux port, so it is not for loss.

For now, I will be looking at porting (or patching, really) tests of Rotor on the BSDs.  In particular FreeBSD 5.1 (as I mentioned previously) as well as the latest flavor of OpenBSD.

Andrew is looking more at porting to a new OS other than Linux.  I also am very interested in this as well, and I know we will continue to learn from each other and share notes as we learn more about the internals of the CLR and how best to port/patch Rotor.

Regarding OpenBSD, this DevelopMentor [DOTNET-ROTOR] list entry a year ago points to an attempt to compile Rotor on OpenBSD that failed because of the lack of dladdr, that is required by Rotor.  I am wondering if the situation has changed?  Time for some research ...

Update:  I noticed that the above entry was written by Eric Albert, who just completed the Panther patch this past weekend.  I wonder if he has done some more research on OpenBSD since a year ago?

Update2:  In my comments, Eric is encouraging us to look at other Linux versions, not just RedHat, for a kernel port of Rotor.  Andrew and I agree, that we should do an about-face now and still look at the Linux kernel.


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