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Indigo misperceptions

Friday, June 11, 2004 Comments

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By way of Chris Sells:

Richard Turner, a PM on the Indigo team, addresses the biggest misperception about Indigo in this Channel9 video.

Bottom line: Microsoft is not taking MSMQ, COMPlus or Remoting out of the platform; it's just that Indigo, which subsumes the features of these other technologies, will do it all better.

I was talking with one of my clients yesterday about how to solve a distributed architecture problem. In the end, I had to say the solution they were looking for will be Indigo. But, the beauty today is solutions written in most of the current technologies will migrate quite nicely to Indigo later on (especially ASMX). Plus, those applications using current technologies (COMPlus/ES, Remoting, Web Services) will STILL work without Indigo in the future as well. That's great news for understanding how to put together applications today that will still be relevant in the future.

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