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HDC 2004 Recap, Slides, and Demos

Sunday, December 5, 2004 Comments

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I have posted my presentation and demo code from the SQL Server 2005 Service Broker talk I gave at the Heartland Developers Conference 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa on December 3. You can get them from these links:


If you were at the conference and got my original slides that were available through the wireless connection, you would notice I pretty much rewrote them before my talk. I had a constraint with time (one hour) and wanted to dig into some more code and share some concepts in a better way. I have noticed with Service Broker, as other things, the more I look at it and learn it, I understand it more deeply and I am able to think about how better to share the information. Plus, as most teachers know, the more they teach something, those "aha" moments can happen right at the time of teaching.

I really enjoyed my time in Iowa. I got in a little later on Thursday night, so caught the end of the "get-together" time that was planned. I still got to meet Rocky and Matt and caught up with Sam and Kent. The next morning I met Joe Olson, who along with Kent, put together a great conference! Thanks to Joe and Kent for the opportunity to speak.

I think the talk went well, with some good questions. Even after cutting down and changing the presentation, I still ran out of time, and only got to show my last demo code without running it. The general concensus from everyone was to probably extend the time to 90 minutes next year. After the conference, several of us, including Adam, went out for steak dinner and then to the bookstore and a later Starbucks run initiated by Sam. All in all, it was a fun evening!

The only one problem I had was the room I was in didn't have internet access as the hotel is under renovation, and there were no other rooms available when I checked in. That, of course, limited my ability to blog, but I did check email, etc. in the hotel business center. Beyond that, the food was good and the setting was just right.

I met some great people for the first time and really enjoyed myself! Everyone I met was friendly and it was a kind of homecoming for me. I would love the opportunity to visit and speak in the Heartland again in the future.

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