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Follow-up on Devscovery

Sunday, September 4, 2005 Comments

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Just a quck follow-up on my Devscovery trip (I type this on a draining battery on my laptop while on "vacation" in beautiful North Conway, NH).

I continued to attend Jeff Richter's and John Robbins' talks. I especially liked John's talks more and more as he spoke about things I enjoy: unit testing (he mentioned you should really look at MbUnit as well, which is currently led by my friend Andrew Stopford), best coding practices, interesting tools, and he "preached" on running as non-administrator. It was great to see him run through all his slides and demos doing the non-administrator dance that is part of my everyday lifestyle! His talk on .NET performance (the last talk of the conference I attended) was excellent and definitely worth the price of admission. Again, an extremely well put together conference and if you have a chance to go, definitely do so.

Another highlight was having lunch with Wintellect's Jason Clark in one of the Microsoft cafeterias. I have been a fan of his book (he wrote the sections on security) and articles and it was great to meet Jason in person. I hope he will finish his Inside Indigo book, but also start blogging more.

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