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Developing as a Non-Admin resources

Monday, October 18, 2004 Comments

 .NET  Security 
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My first topic at Code Camp II was a chalk talk on Developing as a Non-Admin. We discussed some reasons to develop as non-admin and I showed my own methods and tools that I use every day to "live the lifestyle". I believe I had some converts and a few said they would give it a try. In my last talk on Secure Windows Forms, someone who had not been to the chalk talk asked how to develop as a non-admin and asked if I could post resources on my blog. All of my demos, tools, and methods I use will be posted on the Code Camp site: later this week. Below, though, are some resources I have collected (some of these point to further resources) on how best to run and develop as non-admin:

I also mentioned there are a couple of sites that list applications that are "crippled" because of the lack of being able to run under least privilege (make sure your products don't get on these lists!):

Again, my own presentations and demo code will posted later this week and I will provide a link to them from my blog.

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