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Code Camp II updates

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 Comments

 .NET  ArchitecturePatterns  Database Development  Security  Service Orientation (SO)  Smart Clients  Web Services 
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I added a couple of other topics to my proposed list at Code Camp II:

   Developing as a non-admin (chalk talk)

We have all heard we shouldn’t run as administrator on our computers. But, how do you develop software as a non-admin (i.e. normal/limited user)? It really is a lifestyle change. This interactive talk will discuss techniques and reasons for developing as a non-admin, as well as problems, solutions, and experiences developers have encountered as they have tried to develop software as a non-admin.

   SQL Server 2005 Service Broker (presentation)

Service Broker is a framework built into SQL Service 2005 that greatly simplifies the creation of reliable, scalable, message-based, asynchronous, distributed database application. A service broker can manage business transactions, which in practice can last for hours, days or indefinitely and span databases. A Service Broker application consists of a set of services, queues, message formats, and dynamically created conversation. Any application that can make a connection to SQL Server or a web service can make use of a Service Broker application. This session will cover the basics of Service Broker and show the implementation of a Service Broker application.

Take a look at the other talks -- this is going to be a great conference weekend!

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