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Code Camp II Report

Monday, October 18, 2004 Comments

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Code Camp II is now over. I had a lot of fun giving presentations (4 presenations and one chalk talk). There were plenty of interesting questions and very good feedback on the talks. I enjoyed seeing and meeting other speakers: Jason Bock, Don Demsak, Scott Watermasysk, Kent TegelsSam Gentile, Patrick Hynds, Duane LaFlotte, Chris Bowen, Michael Steifel, Thom Robbins, Chris Pels, Richard Hale Shaw, Carl Franklin, and lots more. (By the way, check out Jason's post for pictures and an interesting video of Sam!)

Most of these talks were brand new for me, as I had only presented one of them before. I liked the challenge of putting together new material as well as learning a lot more in the process than I would have otherwise. The most challenging for me was the talk on SQL Server 2005 Service Broker as I have only recently started playing with the bits, and wasn't planning on giving this talk until December at the Heartland Developer's Conference. But, again, I am glad I did and I learned much from the experience.

My last talk on Writing Secure Windows Forms Applications turned out to be one of my best and favorite of the talks. I found that it pulled together all the security information I had shared in my other talks (Developing as a Non-Admin (chalk talk), SQL Server Security, and Introduction to Code Access Security) as well as information shared by Patrick and Duane in their security talks into one cohesive practical approach to writing secure Windows Forms.

All of the presentations and demo code for Code Camp will be posted sometime this week on the Code Camp website:

This weekend was the start of a busy rest of October for me. I am heading to the Applied XML Developer's Conference tomorrow and then back again next week for WIN-DEV 2004 East (where I will be speaking on two more security topics). If you are at either of these conferences, stop by and say hello.

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