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Cabana Night and Code Camp II

Wednesday, October 6, 2004 Comments

 .NET  Personal  Security 
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Tonight is Cabana Night in Boston -- an opportunity to get answers to some of those nagging .NET questions you may have. If you are in the area, and are planning on attending, you can register here if you haven't done so. I will be fielding questions on Security along with Patrick Hynds and Duane LaFlotte. It should be a good night.

The tentative schedule for Code Camp II has been posted. Most of my times look good, but I will be speaking at the same time as some others I was hoping to listen and learn from (like Jason). Oh well, we have the blogger dinner on Saturday night to talk.

I have been putting together my talks (5 in all -- am I crazy?!), but it has been slow going as my HP/Compaq laptop finally died (2nd time in a month) for good last week. I broke down and bought a real machine. Yesterday, I got an IBM Thinkpad in the mail, and I love it! I used Dell for a long time (my old Inspiron is still humming along several years later), and now this IBM blows my socks off. No more cheap crap from HP -- never, ever, ever again.

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