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Boston Code Brew first meeting

Friday, January 21, 2005 Comments

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We had a great first Boston Code Brew meeting with 15 people in attendance!

Our primary topic was Security, and in particular, security issues that developers encounter every day. With pizza and sodas to start us off, we went around the table with everyone introducing themselves and talking a little about what they were looking to get out of the group. Interest in patterns, development issues, and other technology topics were mentioned.

For the meeting, we generally discussed the following:

1. Tricks to run and develop as non-admin.
2. Running antivirus and antispyware software on developer machines.
3. No Touch Deployment problems and solutions.
4. A ClickOnce demo application.
5. Securing Remote Desktop connections.
6. General questions about Indigo and how http.sys works.
7. WSE (Web Services Enhancements) security features.
8. Questions about business taxes.
9. Several shared links, books, and other resources that have been very helpful in solving many of the above problems.

We met for around 3 hours, and everyone has said they had a lot of fun learning some cool stuff. Our next meeting will focus primarily on all things database, in particular SQL Server.

Since we began, I have had a couple of emails from other groups like this one out there:

  • Zackery Kent is starting a Vermont Code Brew on Feb. 2 (in the Burlington area)
  • Michael Wharton has been running the group for a couple of years -- people getting together studying for exams and all things technology related.
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