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At HDC 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005 Comments

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I arrived in Ceder Rapids, Iowa yesterday afternoon from Orlando for the Heartland Developers Conference 2005. This is my second time for HDC and my second time visiting Iowa. It is funny, but it feels like a homecoming when I come here because it reminds me so much of where I grew up in another part of the midwest. I saw the familiar flat planes and corn fields and knew I wasn't in Massachusetts any longer!

Joe Olson and crew puts on a great conference. There are at last count I heard around 350 developers here for this event. Its great to see several .NET groups represented from surrounding states participating in a big event like this. I think this is easily double or triple what it was last year!

I had a chance last night to be interviewed for with John Alexander and Jeff Julian. I talked about security changes in .NET 2.0 (one of my topics I am presenting here). I will post a link when it is ready. I will also be giving a talk today on SQLCLR, pinch hitting for my friend Kent Tegels who has been teaching in Shanghai this week. I also would have liked to have seen Kent this week, but I am honored to help out and hope I can do as much justice to the topic as Kent would.

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