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Windows Server 2003 SP1: first impressions


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As you may know, the long awaited Windows Server 2003 SP1 has finally reached RTM. Here is some technical information, and a Top Ten feature... Read more

Speaking at VSLive! Boston on Secure Plug-In Applications


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I noticed over the last couple of days my "Writing Secure Plug-in Applications in .NET" session is listed for VSLive! Boston. This talk is similar to... Read more

Trustworthy Computing Security Development Lifecycle


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My friend Kevin Hegg mentioned this link to me on Friday, but it wasn't live yet. But, it is now: Michael Howard mentions it's "live" status at... Read more

Partial Trust and ASP.NET on MSDN TV


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There is an MSDN TV overview of writing partially trusted applications with ASP.NET [found by way of Dominick Baier]. Read more

Installed SQL Server 2005?


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Have you tried installing SQL Server 2005 yet? If so, how did it go for you?There is a survey the SQL Server team would like you to fill out:The Yukon... Read more

Getting started on the Avalon and Indigo CTPs


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Read more

Avalon and Indigo CTP bits


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Code Camp III recap


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Detecting network sniffers


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TechEd Security BOFs


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I submitted one of the first TechEd Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on this topic:Developing software as a non-administratorWe have all heard we... Read more

Speaking in Hartford, CT tonight


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I will be speaking tonight on .NET Security 101 at the Connecticut Access UsersGroup in Farmington, CT (correction: not in Hartford, but near... Read more

Hans Bethe dies


I just noticed this today and was sad to learn that Hans Bethedied on Sunday at the age of 98. Bethe was one of the last (probably the last now) great... Read more

SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP available


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I got the same email as Romanregarding the availability of the SQL Server 2005 3rd CTP:Today, Microsoft released the third Community Technical Preview... Read more

Get your .NET project started correctly


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