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Speaking at Heartland Developers Conference 2004


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It looks like the HDC 2004 site is up and running, so now is a good time to mention this. I will be speaking at the first annual Heartland Developers... Read more

WSE 2.0 and friends


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I had the pleasure of attending Michele Leroux Bustamante's talk this past week on Web Services Security with a focus on WSE 2.0 at the NH .NET User... Read more

Living the non-admin lifestyle


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Code Camp II updates


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I added a couple of other topics to my proposed list at Code Camp II:Developing as a non-admin (chalk talk)We have all heard we shouldn’t run as... Read more

Boston Area 4th .NET Blogger/Nerd Dinner tonight


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See here for more details. I plan on being at this one as it is down the road from me in Waltham rather than having to get into Boston! Read more

A must read book on Windows Security


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Yesterday, Keith Brown mentioned his new book The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security is finally shipping. I have preordered my copy from... Read more

ASP.NET 2.0 Partial Trust Web Sites


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Are evil people attacking your web site?


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Web Services Architecture Whitepaper


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From Omri Gazitt:In addition to the new Transfer and Enumeration specs, we published a whitepaper today providing an overview of the Web services... Read more

Pass Phrases, Passwords, and PassFaces


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Code Camp II Blogger Dinner


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Secure CLR Hosting in Whidbey / 2.0


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Hacking the Hacme Bank


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Both Dominick Baerand Anil John are pointing to Foundstone's new sample web application (written in ASP.NET and C#)that demonstrates common security... Read more

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