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New Rotor research


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Andrew talks about continued Rotor research. Plus, Joel Pobar, a PM on the CLR team focusing on Rotor, has a Rotor blog. Subscribed. Read more

Code Access Security with ES, .Net Remoting, Distributed Applications


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.Net and ES/COMPlus Security


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COM Interop article series on MSDN


 .NET    COM Interop   
Sammentions his COM Interop article series has begun on MSDN. The first installment “Has Anyone Seen the Bridge?” gives an overview of why bridges are... Read more

Code Access Security with ASP.Net and ES


 .NET    ArchitecturePatterns    ASP.NET    COMPlus EnterpriseServices    Security   
I have been immersed in Code Access Security (CAS) this weekend as we ramp up .Net security for an ASP.Net/Enterprise Services (ES) project.This book... Read more

Rotor and Panther


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Eric Albert has successfully ported and tested Rotor (SSCLI) on Panther (on Mac OS X) [by way of Sam]. Panther is based on FreeBSD 5.1. That is great... Read more

Linux/Rotor port and BSD/Rotor patches


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After seeing the news about RedHat Linux discontinuing all support for versions 7-8 and 9, Andrew and I have been wondering about our Rotor/Linux... Read more

FreeBSD 5.1 and Rotor, Part 2


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