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Geeks with toys


This past Saturday night, three of our team members (Greg, Sam and I) got together for a social event at Sam's house. Of course, we... Read more

DevHawk Wiki


 Extreme Programming   
Our project team was talking about setting up an internal blog or wiki a few days ago.  Today, Sam noticed Harry Pierson's DevHawk Wiki -- a new Wiki... Read more

Sealed is needed sometimes


Ingo has a case (an article and examples) for why Sealed is sometimes needed.  Read more

Latest Reflector version


Get the latest .Net Reflector version ( that was released July 17. Read more

CLR delegates compared to monikers


 .NET    CLR   
Don Boxcompares CLR delegates to COM monikers.  Read more

The Build Process


 Extreme Programming   
Jeff Reese talks about his own experiences with the Build Process.  I am very interested in this area, especially as it applies to The Joel Test.On my... Read more

PDC sessions list


Brad Adams is asking for recommendations/suggestions for the initial PDC sessions list.  What will be important for you to learn at this conferance? Read more

NUnit gotcha


 Extreme Programming   
John Lam talks about an NUnit 2.0 gotcha he found.  If you are using the 1.1 .Net Framework, you will need to add a setting to the... Read more

Exciting SQL Blogs activity


 Database Development   
If you haven't seen it, check out SQL Blogs for lots of great SQL Server info. I have been wanting to post some of my own information about my... Read more

Also a supporter of Vault


Eric Sink (CEO of SourceGear that produces Vault) and Matthew Reynolds have both been talking about how great Vault is over SourceSafe.  I also would... Read more

More info COM to .Net


Sam has a couple of great follow-up posts about COM to .Net.  Take a look this one  about Registration free COM Interop and this one about Avoiding... Read more

Windows 2003 Server -- it's about time!


Sam has an excellent post about Windows 2003 Server.  It's about time that we look at what we have now rather than point to the distant future... Read more

COM to .Net Tool


Sam has some info about a cool COM to .Net tool on his blog.  Check it out!  He gave us a practical demo today of how a tool like this could be used.... Read more

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