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10th Anniversary of Boston .NET Architecture Group (originally Boston Code Brew)

Monday, December 15, 2014 Comments

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The Boston .NET Architecture Group will be celebrating our 10th Anniverary this Wednesday.  I and a few others began the group ten years ago in December, 2004 as the Boston Code Brew as a result of many discussions that began in 2003 with an idea of starting a .NET Patterns Group in the Boston area. Wow - has time gone by fast!

We have spent time learning about patterns and architecture, and focused a lot on the evolving technologies associated with the Microsoft .NET Framework (plus other technologies) over the years: .NET, Visual Studio, WCF (we spent a summer learning this), WPF, lots of Web technologies - MVC, Web API, REST, Javascript libraries, and of course, my favorite, software security. When you start a user group/study group, you have no idea where it will go and who will attend, but in 10 years we have 200 people on our mailing list and a typical attendance of less than 20 per session depending on the topic (which is ideal for a study group). Our members have been software architects, independent consultants, seasoned developers, and those wanting to learn more.

This Wednesday I will be leading the discussion to look at the latest .NET vNext technologies which will include some of my own work and review of C# 6, ASP.NET 5/MVC 6, Roslyn, and VS 2015 Preview.

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