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.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process

Saturday, September 6, 2003 Comments

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One of best books I have seen lately is .NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process by Christian Thilmany:

.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process

In the tradition of the GoF Book (Design Patterns) and the new .Net Patterns and Practices site, this book presents the most common architectural patterns for .Net Development.

I received my copy a couple of days ago, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. Highly recommended.


The complete software developer's guide to working in .NET environments.

Praise for .NET Patterns:

"Was both insightful and comprehensive. It's great to see these patterns presented within the context of many architectural dilemmas facing the vastly interconnected enterprise. Web service architects are sure to see enormous value in this text."

Ed Draper, Microsoft

Patterns have proven to be practical tools for the programmer who knows how to use them. In .NET Patterns, distributed computing and .NET expert Christian Thilmany presents both an introduction to patterns for programmers working in the .NET environment and a library of patterns unique to the .NET platform.

Part of John Vlissides' critically acclaimed Addison-Wesley Software Patterns Series, .NET Patterns extends the proven concept of design patterns into the arena of .NET design and development. Now, .NET developers can depend on patterns to provide solutions to recurring problems in software design.

In addition to covering both lower and higher level programming with patterns, this book also includes helpful primers on XML and web services, as well as thorough coverage of debugging, exceptions, error handling, and architecture.

Whether you're working in .NET environments or transitioning to .NET environments, you'll find .NET Patterns a comprehensive resource for software solutions.

About the Author

CHRISTIAN THILMANY is .NET Solutions Architect for Microsoft Corporation. He has more than 13 years of experience consulting for a variety of Fortune 500 firms in fields such as distributed application architectures for Internet, Intranet, and client/server development. Christian is also a frequent contributor to Java Developer's Journal Magazine, Microsoft Interactive Developer (MIND), and MSDN Magazine.

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